A car-jacker at a crossroads.

We follow Kurt, an expert car-thief, whose life is suddenly complicated by offbeat romance and professional competition. Kurt works for Larry, a father figure who runs a chop shop disguised as a garage, but Kurt's career is threatened by Joe, a lowly mechanic and aspiring car thief.
Meanwhile, romance buds for Kurt with Emilie, a young mother with complications of her own. Kurt's personal and professional life are speeding towards a dangerous intersection.

Can a low-life take the high road?

A Virtuous and 3YRS2Life Production

Directed by Nicholas J. DeMicco
Written by Ryan D. Moore and Nicholas J. DeMicco
Starring Philip Lakin, Austin Meehan, and Kara Rosella
Cinematography by Steven Mastorelli
Music by Karel Antoniín